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Customer References

I was fortunate enough to sit next to Riane on a flight many years ago and have since had internet readings for myself and my family and also recommended her to friends.  This extraordinarily psychic lady has helped and guided us all in different ways; she saved me and my husband a fortune by accurately advising us not to do some business investments; my daughter changed schools after spending ages debating what to do and finally Riane advised us to move her and she has never been happier; late last year Riane boosted up my flagging confidence by telling me I would have an article published in a major newspaper which did in fact then appear in print on page 9 of the UK’s Daily Mail in January! 

In these troubled times we all sometimes need some extra help and guidance and I cannot recommend Riane highly enough – for her incredibly accurate insights, her compassion and professionalism.  I feel lucky to know her! 

Juliet - UK

16 Months ago I met Rianne, I needed to regain Faith that I had lost after a very difficult time I was going  through in my relationtionship with the man I had married the previous year. I felt trapped in my fears, I had no ability to think , to act, to take decisions on a daily basis or even for the future.

At first what Rianne said through the reading seemed difficult to understand and even to accept, I didn't know much about Psychics, only once before,  I had consulted a medium, but for a different reason.

As the reading was happening, Rianne clearly  named people in my life with so much accuracy that I tuned to her and became relaxed, no information was given prior, and Rianne asked no questions that could help her. I realised then that she was channelled and informed by " a spiritual light" she had no hesitation in her speech, I couldn't remember everything she predicted, but I remember leaving her office very uplifted and ready to climb the first step of my "better life"

I was so busy and stressed for the following year to get over my emotional troubles, I had no opportunity to listen to the CD of the consultation that she gave me, Then I analysed and studied her predictions later.

I could not believe the amount of correct and justified information she had produced. At the time it didn't make much sense, down the track, everything was falling into place.

Rianne predicted dishonesty from my husband: One year later he betrayed me, my family, lied in court.

Rianne said he was ill: few months later I was abused and victim of domestic violence, the medical reports declared him maniaco depressed and bi-polar since many years.

Rianne said he was not good with finance: he had a large amount of debts since few years.

Rianne said he was going for money: he claimed  huge compensation

Rianne said my children were going to have operations: two had dental surgeries

Rianne said my step daughter had a corrupted body: She is now with a terminal illness.

The only person of the family Rianne couldn't say anything  was about my father : he died few months later.

Rianne said I would travel a lot that year: I did 3 international trips

Rianne said I was moving house : The actual place I reside is too big to live for one person; I am relocating in an apartment. 

When I first saw Rianne I had no idea my life would change so dramatically, thanks to her vision, I was indirectly guided to be alert for the worse. Today my troubles are not finished, but I feel confident to handle them and the solutions come easier, Thank you Rianne, you have made my life easier, and my Faith stronger.

Much Love

Riane’s extraordinary abilities as a conduit to the spirit world has provided me with highly accurate guidance in my choice of employment, comfort in my relationships and love life, profitability in share trading and house purchases. 

Riane’s astonishing predictions of world events such as earthquakes, floods, international money markets recessions and recoveries, plane disasters and train crashes is endless. 

Michael K.

Having been exposed to the wonderful world of Psychics and Clairvoyancy over the past 15 years, Riane is one of a select few who is able to bring detailed clarity and guidance to questions that require clear precise answers.  Whilst many people may prefer to “live the experience”, I find that being able to “cut to the chase” and gain insight and information that is otherwise unavailable allows me the freedom of choice and in short provides me a solution or clear pathway to the solution I desire.  At the end of the day the decision is entirely ours. 

Whilst there is never a guarantee, the information that comes through is relevant at the time and gives momentum to potential blockages that prevent us from moving forward.  Clarity and confirmation helps me to move at a high frequency.  There have been several occasions that no matter how confident I have been, Riane has been able to expose dangers and / or potential disasters including forewarnings of fatal accidents and un necessary traumas related to injuries, operations and misguided relationships.  Whether for business or pleasure, personal development or just good guidance, Riane is able to communicate on any level. 

I have and continue to use her ‘gift’ and highly recommend her to any individual seeking heavenly support from someone with such a strong proven track record.

L, Dubai UAE

Dear Riane,

Thank you for being such a positive, beautiful and wise soul. My brother and myself feel very blessed having you as a very special friend and guiding light in our lives. Through your psychic gifts you have provided peace of mind with insights and information on many areas from business, relationships, health and life in general with amazing accuracy. We take away your information with an open mind but invariably it almost always is right on the money!

Your psychic gifts are aligned with a deep sense of compassion and spirituality. Thankyou for generously teaching meditation and affirmations to us so they we can also be more in tuned spiritual and abundant beings. When you loose someone close to you, it is natural to ask if they are at peace and if you can contact them on the other side. Thank you for providing that connection to the people that we love and miss on the other side.

Lots of Love

Joe & Peter R.

I have been communicating with Riane for some years now and she has been extremely accurate on a number of points, my stong marriage, home moves, travel plans, family but the main area was about my husband and his work.  Riane warned me that a new venture would not be fruitful and four years later her predictions have been 100% accurate. I wish i had listened to her

Louise, England

I have been attending Riane’s  meditation classes since beginning of 2009, and this has been the most powerful positive change in my life. I first met Riane back in 2002, for a reading, and have often had meetings with her over these years, during these times, Riane has been correct in predicting certain issues in my life, such as personal relationships, legal matters, visitors past friends and acquaintances  who have turned up in my life out of the blue, which has been a surprise and very positive, she has also predicted issues concerning my families, such as my son travelling overseas , birth of first grandchild,  my nieces health, a couple of reasonable windfalls concerning finances,  completing my studies to achieve my diploma, there have been a numbers of true and correct prediction, to many to mention.   Riane is a truly amazing person, her exceptional gift, is a blessing, and is and has been so helpful to myself and to many other people. I trust Riane immensely, and have no problems in recommending Riane to any one.