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Riane is clairvoyant, clairaudient and a medium with 30 years experience  including  radio television and stage performaces
Call  me on +61 (0)  417739963

 for your reading You can see me in person  through video calls or by phone email or skype face time or what's app you don't have to see me in person if you do not wish as I can channel on you and your loved ones as I can hear the psychic information I can visually see and describe events situation people businesses and dwellings  houses 

I can predict when and where  you will find your soul mate and in what circumstance you will meet or make  the right decision with your present life partner!

I can predict and guide you to buy the most prosperous house or business and avoid mistakes or pitfalls.

I can predict the most prosperous career path you should take for your success and prosperity and help you achive and maintain a harmonious existence.

I can help you communicate with loved ones that have crossed over.

I can Tap into  any health issues  you may be experiencing  and assist  you to find the right course to good health. 

Once you give me someones name and age I can describe their emotional conditions the situation or events occuring in their lives. Basically I can tell you anything you wish to know about them.