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cashRiane is extremely accurate in helping people decide on the best course to take in business. Whether to
purchase that particular shop, or house or land or business.

EXAMPLE ONE: A doctor's wife, who was a client of mine and comes regularly for readings, was ready to purchase a house. I described the house she would purchase! One month later, the lady came to me all excited. She had found the house and was ready to sign that same afternoon. I told her not to sign. I said, "Don't do anything! Wait." She waited, and one week later that same house was put to auction at $50,000 less than she was ready to sign for on that afternoon. The lady was of course ecstatic and purchased her house at a much better price.

EXAMPLE TWO: A client of mine from New Zealand wished to purchase a warehouse. He gave me different addresses and locations and each time I told him to wait, that there was something better coming up - something better at a cheaper location. He heeded my advice and found the perfect place for the perfect price!

EXAMPLE THREE: A regular client wanted to join a new company which dealt in cars, car sales and hire cars. In order to join the company, he had to invest $20,000 and purchase a car from these people. I warned him that the company was a scam and the he would lose. Luckily, he looked for another avenue of investment and three months later, that same car company folded.

Every day there are numerous decisions and choices we must make. Making the right choice isn't easy and that is where I can assist.