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rianeselfHow I can help?

I can tap into any information that you ask once you give me your name and age or any other person in question. I can describe your emotional condition, the situation and events occurring in your life at present or the events surrounding the other person. I can see the condition of your personal relationships, your health or your love life.

I hear my predictions in words as though I am listening to a telephone conversation. I can also see events and describe people, buildings, cars, situations as though I am watching television. I am able to read from any personal connection - from your voice on the telephone, handwriting with original or faxed copy or photograph. However, I must have your name and age. You can simply contact me by phone, fax or e-mail or have a personal consultation.

Don't let indecision ruin your life - Riane is close by with her spiritual insight into your life.

Business Assistance
Riane is extremely accurate in helping people decide on the best course to take in business. Whether to purchase that particular shop, or house of land or business. 
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Love, marriage and relationships - all can be beautiful, if it's with the right person and two people are willing to make it work. But if they are not, there is loss, sadness, insecurities, feelings of inadequacy and despondency! 
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Career Direction
Riane can help with the progress of your career.
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