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cloudsRiane is clairvoyant, clairaudient and a medium. The moment Riane tunes in on you by hearing your voice or see your face or get your name she automatically channels with such great accuracy. Quoted as one of the Best Psychics on the Gold Coast

Riane has appeared on Radio 97 for two consecutive years with great success and astonishing accuracy.

Leon Delaney, morning announcer, Radio 97am Tweed-Gold Coast - "I have had the pleasure of working with Riane for the last eighteen months, and have known her for two years beforehand. Riane appeared on a 30 minute segment on my radio show to give world predictions and to answer listeners' calls. The segment was extraordinarily successful. On many occasions, listeners phoned back to report the outcome of predictions given, whilst others have expressed their surprise at Riane's uncanny accuracy from the moment the phone is answered. In addition, Riane has successfully reported in advance on the condition of various Royal marriages, news events such as airline and train disasters, industrial action by tanker drivers, the unrest in the Middle East, share-market movements and much more."

Riane has appeared on television and radio with world and political predictions. She has given personal predictions on radio and has appeared on stage in major clubs, theatres and shopping centres to give lectures on psychic phenomena and to give audiences readings.

Riane has performed on stage in her Psychic show at clubs, shopping centres and conventions. Clients from all over the world consult her via phone or email and a return booking is guaranteed from all of them. Her amazing ability and insight helps countless people find their direction. All sorts of people seek her accurate and sound advice from business people, doctors, accountants, lawyers, members of parliament, inventors, academics and housewives.

On a personal note she can tell you about your relationship, describe your future partner and avoid making huge mistake. She can direct your children's future to great success in their chosen path.

As a clairvoyant she can accurately see an event, describe a person or situation or a house or a car or a country. She can point any health issues that you may not be aware of and direct you to the right channels to help you heal.

She can also give world predictions with extreme accuracy!